Always look on the bright side of Life!

The best chapter of book 'Learning Python'

"Once you finish the quiz, you’ve officially reached the end of this book. Now that you

know Python inside and out, your next step, should you choose to take it, is to explore
the libraries, techniques, and tools available in the application domains in which you
work. Because Python is so widely used, you’ll find ample resources for using it in
almost any application you can think of—from GUIs, the Web, and databases to numeric
programming, robotics, and system administration.

This is where Python starts to become truly fun, but this is also where this book’s story
ends, and others’ begin. For pointers on where to turn after this book, see the list of
recommended follow-up texts in the Preface. Good luck with your journey. And of course,
Always look on the bright side of Life!

-Mark Lutz, the author of "Learning Python"